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Oem Accepted Heavy Lifting Airbags for Smooth Pipe Laying and Free Rapair Accessories

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Oem Accepted Heavy Lifting Airbags for Smooth Pipe Laying and Free Rapair Accessories

Oem Accepted Heavy Lifting Airbags for Smooth Pipe Laying and Free Rapair Accessories
Oem Accepted Heavy Lifting Airbags for Smooth Pipe Laying and Free Rapair Accessories

Large Image :  Oem Accepted Heavy Lifting Airbags for Smooth Pipe Laying and Free Rapair Accessories

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Shunh
Certification: ISO9001, CCS, BV, SGS, ABS,DNV
Model Number: SHA240329
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Price: 100 to 5000
Packaging Details: Customized
Delivery Time: 5 to 15 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T-30% in advance, 70% before deivery
Supply Ability: OEM accepted

Oem Accepted Heavy Lifting Airbags for Smooth Pipe Laying and Free Rapair Accessories

Inflate Accessories: Free Working Temperature: -20℃ To +70℃
Packing: Woven Bags Or Wooden Cases Oem: Accepted
Effective Length: 16000mm Type: Pneumatic
Diameter: 500mm To 3000mm Port: Qingdao Port
High Light:

Oem Heavy Lifting Airbags


Smooth Pipe Laying Heavy Lifting Airbags


Free Rapair Accessories Heavy Lifting Airbags

Product Description:

The Heavy Lifting Airbags are an innovative and efficient solution designed to meet the demanding needs of lifting heavy objects with precision and ease. These airbags are also commonly referred to as Boat lifting airbags, Under water lifting airbags, and Heavy lifting balloons, highlighting their versatility and wide range of applications in various industries. From maritime operations to underwater recovery and industrial lifting, these airbags provide a reliable and safe alternative to traditional lifting methods.

Meticulously engineered with the highest quality materials, our Heavy Lifting Airbags are available in a variety of sizes, with diameters ranging from 500mm to a substantial 3000mm. This range of sizes ensures that you can select the perfect airbag to match the specific requirements of your lifting project, whether it's for a small boat or a massive underwater structure. The flexibility in sizing allows for a custom fit to the object being lifted, providing better stability and control during the lifting process.

One of the standout features of our Heavy Lifting Airbags is the inclusion of free Inflate Accessories with each purchase. These essential accessories are designed to streamline the inflation process, making it quicker and more efficient to prepare the airbags for use. The ease of inflation means that you can get your lifting project underway without delay, saving you both time and labor costs.

The Heavy Lifting Airbags are constructed to endure extreme conditions and are rated for a Working Temperature range of -20℃ to +70℃. This durability ensures that the airbags perform optimally in various environments, from the freezing temperatures found in some underwater scenarios to the sweltering heat of industrial sites. The robust material composition of the airbags guarantees that they remain resilient and maintain their structural integrity even when subjected to harsh temperatures and stressful conditions.

In the unlikely event that repairs are needed, we provide a comprehensive set of Repair Accessories at no additional cost. These free Repair Accessories empower users to perform necessary maintenance swiftly and effectively, ensuring that the airbags are always in top working condition. This not only extends the lifespan of the airbags but also maximizes safety and efficiency during lifting operations.

Located at Qingdao Port, the central hub of maritime trade and shipping, our Heavy Lifting Airbags are easily accessible for global distribution. The strategic positioning of the port allows for expedited shipping and handling, reducing the time it takes for our airbags to reach you, no matter where you are in the world. Qingdao Port's advanced facilities and logistics capabilities ensure that your order is processed and delivered with care and precision.

In conclusion, the Heavy Lifting Airbags offer an unparalleled lifting solution that combines durability, versatility, and convenience. As Boat lifting airbags, Under water lifting airbags, or Heavy lifting balloons, they deliver exceptional performance and value. With the inclusion of free Inflate and Repair Accessories and the advantage of being shipped from Qingdao Port, these airbags are not just a purchase but an investment in efficiency and safety for a multitude of lifting needs. Experience the innovation and reliability of our Heavy Lifting Airbags and elevate your lifting capabilities to new heights.


  • Product Name: Heavy Lifting Airbags
  • Effective Length: 16000mm
  • Working Temperature: -20℃ To +70℃
  • Repair Accessories: Free
  • Advantages:
    • High Lifting Capacity
    • Easy To Operate
    • Reusable
  • Type: Pneumatic
  • Under water lifting airbag
  • Rubber lifting airbag

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Repair Accessories Free
OEM Accepted
Port Qingdao Port
Working Temperature -20℃ to +70℃
Effective Length 16000mm
Inflate Accessories Free
Working Pressure 0.05-0.08 MPa
Advantages High Lifting Capacity, Easy To Operate, Reusable
Type Pneumatic


The Shunh brand heavy lifting airbags, with model number SHA240329, are designed for a variety of challenging tasks in numerous industrial scenarios. Originating from China and boasting certifications such as ISO9001, CCS, BV, SGS, ABS, and DNV, these airbags are recognized for their high quality and reliability in heavy-duty applications. The minimum order quantity starts at a single piece, with prices ranging from $100 to $5000, making them accessible for a wide range of projects.

Shunh heavy lifting balloons are specifically created for heavy lifting operations. They are cylindrical in shape with an effective length of 16000mm, and they can withstand a working pressure of 0.05-0.08 MPa. Their robust construction makes them ideal for lifting massive structures in construction, engineering, and industrial environments. These airbags are utilized in pipe laying projects, where their strength facilitates the safe and efficient handling of large pipes.

These airbags are also popularly used as boat lifting airbags. Their application in shipyards for ship launching or for maintenance purposes is invaluable. The high working pressure and the durable material of the Shunh airbags ensure that they can securely hold and lift boats of various sizes, making them indispensable tools for maritime industries.

Another significant application of the Shunh airbags is as under water lifting airbags. They are an essential asset for salvage operations, aiding in the recovery of sunken objects. Due to their buoyant nature and strength, these airbags can lift objects from the sea bed to the surface with ease. This capability is crucial in salvage operations, ensuring safety and efficiency during the retrieval process.

The airbags come with customized packaging details to ensure they are delivered in perfect condition. Delivery times range from 5 to 15 workdays, and the payment terms are flexible, requiring only 30% in advance, with the remainder due before delivery. Shunh's supply ability also includes OEM services, allowing for a tailored approach to meet specific customer needs. Moreover, each airbag comes with free repair accessories, ensuring that any necessary maintenance can be performed promptly and efficiently.

Support and Services:

Our Heavy Lifting Airbags come with comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure that you can maximize their utility with confidence. Our team of experts is available to provide guidance on the proper use, maintenance, and storage of your airbags to ensure long-term durability and performance.

Technical Support Services include:

  • Product Training: Detailed instructions on the correct deployment, inflation, and deflation processes to ensure safe and efficient operation.

  • Maintenance Tips: Advice on regular maintenance checks and procedures to help you keep your airbags in optimal condition.

  • Troubleshooting Assistance: If you encounter any issues with your airbags, our team is ready to assist with problem-solving strategies and solutions.

  • Product Manuals and Documentation: Access to comprehensive manuals and guides that cover all aspects of your Heavy Lifting Airbags.

  • Inspection and Repair Services: Information on how to get your airbags inspected and repaired by qualified professionals when necessary.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive not only a high-quality product but also the support needed to use it effectively. We are dedicated to providing responsive and helpful service to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding our Heavy Lifting Airbags.


Q: What brand are the Heavy Lifting Airbags, and where are they made?

A: The Heavy Lifting Airbags are by the brand Shunh and they are made in China.

Q: What is the model number of the Shunh Heavy Lifting Airbags?

A: The model number for our Heavy Lifting Airbags is SHA240329.

Q: Do the Shunh Heavy Lifting Airbags come with any certifications?

A: Yes, our Heavy Lifting Airbags are certified with ISO9001, CCS, BV, SGS, ABS, and DNV certifications.

Q: How can I purchase the Shunh Heavy Lifting Airbags and what is the minimum order quantity?

A: You can purchase the Heavy Lifting Airbags with a minimum order quantity of 1PC. The price range is from $100 to $5000, depending on specifications and quantities.

Q: What are the payment terms and delivery time for the Shunh Heavy Lifting Airbags?

A: The payment terms are T/T with 30% in advance and the remaining 70% before delivery. The delivery time for the airbags is between 5 to 15 workdays.

Q: How are the Shunh Heavy Lifting Airbags packaged, and what is the supply ability?

A: The packaging details for the Heavy Lifting Airbags are customized to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, OEM is accepted to suit your needs.

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