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Inflate Heavy Lifting Balloons Ship Launching Airbags

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Inflate Heavy Lifting Balloons Ship Launching Airbags

Inflate Heavy Lifting Balloons Ship Launching Airbags
Inflate Heavy Lifting Balloons Ship Launching Airbags

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Shunhang
Certification: ISO9001, CCS, BV, SGS, ABS,DNV
Model Number: SHA240402
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Price: 100 to 5000
Packaging Details: Customized
Delivery Time: 5 to 15 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T-30% in advance, 70% before deivery
Supply Ability: OEM accepted

Inflate Heavy Lifting Balloons Ship Launching Airbags

Advantages: High Lifting Capacity, Easy To Operate, Reusable Working Pressure: 0.05-0.18 MPa
Repair Accessories: Free Oem: Accepted
Application: Heavy Lifting, Pipe Laying, Salvage, Ship Launching, Etc. Packing: Woven Bags Or Wooden Cases
Color: Balack Material: Natural Rubber ; Rubber Dipped Tyre Cord Fabric
High Light:

Ship Launching Heavy Lifting Balloons


Inflate Ship Launching Airbags


Heavy Lifting Balloons Airbags

Product Description:

The Heavy Lifting Airbags designed to tackle the toughest of lifting and shifting tasks, are the epitome of strength and reliability in the realm of heavy-duty lifting. Manufactured to facilitate a myriad of activities, these airbags are a testament to the progress in industrial-grade lifting technology. With an imposing cylindrical shape, these airbags are crafted to distribute weight evenly, ensuring the utmost stability during lifting operations.

These Heavy Lifting Airbags come with a full set of inflate accessories, absolutely free, making them ready to use upon delivery. The convenience this provides cannot be understated, as it allows for a seamless transition from delivery to operation, with no hidden costs or delays. This feature ensures maximum efficiency in deployment, allowing work to commence without any additional requirements.

The effective length of these airbags is an impressive 16000mm, providing significant coverage and lifting support for an extensive range of applications. This considerable length is especially beneficial when dealing with long structures or materials, ensuring that the airbags provide support across the entire length of the object being lifted or shifted.

Operating within a working pressure range of 0.05-0.08 MPa, these Heavy Lifting Airbags are versatile in their use and suitable for a multitude of heavy lifting scenarios. The pressure parameters have been meticulously set to offer both safety and power, catering to a wide range of weights and sizes of objects. This flexibility in working pressure makes the airbags adaptable to various industries and tasks.

The applications of these Heavy Lifting Airbags are vast and varied. They are ideal for heavy lifting jobs, where their strength and expansive length can be used to uplift and maneuver objects of considerable weight with precision and control. Pipe laying operations also benefit greatly from these airbags, as their cylindrical shape provides the perfect support for pipes, ensuring they are laid down smoothly and efficiently. The salvage industry utilizes these durable airbags to raise sunken artifacts or structures from underwater with minimal effort. Ship launching is another area where these airbags shine, offering an innovative and secure method to transition vessels from construction yards to the water. In each scenario, the airbags demonstrate their indispensability and effectiveness.

Specifically, as an under water lifting airbag, these products showcase remarkable buoyancy and durability. They are meticulously engineered to withstand the pressures of underwater operations while providing the lift necessary to bring heavy objects to the surface. The boat lifting airbag feature of these products allows for safe and secure handling of boats and other marine vessels, ensuring they are lifted and transported without damage or undue stress.

Moreover, the usage of the under water lifting airbag is not just limited to salvage missions; this versatile tool can also be deployed for underwater construction tasks, maintenance, and repair operations. The inherent design of the airbags gives them the ability to operate flawlessly, even in challenging underwater environments, making them an invaluable asset for a diverse range of marine applications.

In conclusion, the Heavy Lifting Airbags embody the pinnacle of lifting solutions. Their robust construction, coupled with their expansive length and versatile working pressure range, positions them as the go-to choice for professionals across industries. Whether it's for heavy lifting, pipe laying, salvage operations, or ship launching, these airbags offer an unparalleled level of performance, safety, and reliability. With free inflate accessories included, they represent not only a powerful tool but also a smart investment in operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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  • Product Name: Heavy Lifting Airbags
  • OEM: Accepted
  • Repair Accessories: Free
  • Diameter: Customized
  • Effective Length:  Customized
  • Port: Qingdao Port
  • Keywords: Boat Lifting Airbag

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Rapair Accessories Free
Inflate Accessories Free
Working Pressure 0.05-0.18 MPa
Shape Cylindrical
Packing Woven Bags Or Wooden Cases
Airbag Layers 6 To 10 Layers
Type Pneumatic
Advantages High Lifting Capacity, Easy To Operate, Reusable
Effective Length Customized
Diameter Customized


The Shunhang brand Heavy Lifting Airbags, model SHA240402, are an indispensable tool in various industrial and maritime applications. These rubber lifting airbags, originating from China, are certified by a host of international bodies including ISO9001, CCS, BV, SGS, ABS, and DNV, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and safety. The minimum order quantity is set at just one piece, with prices ranging from $100 to $5000, catering to a wide range of budgetary requirements.

These airbags are designed for heavy-duty tasks, with a robust cylindrical shape . Delivery time is quick and efficient, taking just 5 to 15 workdays after an order is placed, and the payment structure is convenient, requiring 30% in advance and the remaining 70% before delivery. In addition, Shunhang’s supply capability is flexible with OEM orders accepted, ensuring that each client’s unique requirements can be met. Notably, repair accessories are provided free of charge, adding to the value of the purchase.

One of the primary applications for these heavy lifting balloons is in the maritime industry for boat moving airbag tasks. They are extensively used for launching, lifting, and dry-docking of ships, providing a safe and efficient alternative to traditional methods. The resilience and strength of these airbags make them suitable for lifting heavy structures both on land and in water, such as in the case of salvage operations or moving large industrial components.

In construction and engineering sectors, the Shunhang Heavy Lifting Airbags are employed for transporting massive structures, including bridges, large vehicles, and heavy equipment. Their ease of use and the ability to evenly distribute weight make them ideal for these scenarios. Furthermore, in the oil and gas industry, these airbags are crucial for maneuvering heavy modules and for use in maintenance tasks where lifting of heavy parts is required.

Overall, the Shunhang Heavy Lifting Airbags represent a versatile and cost-effective solution for a plethora of scenarios where heavy lifting is involved. The combination of their certified quality, customizable features, and the manufacturer's commitment to customer service, including the provision of free repair accessories, make them a valuable asset for any operation requiring safe and reliable lifting capabilities.

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Support and Services:

Our Heavy Lifting Airbags are designed with the highest standards of quality and efficiency in mind. To ensure that you get the most out of our products, we offer comprehensive technical support and services to all our customers. Our support package includes:

Installation Guidance: Detailed instructions for the correct and safe installation of your heavy lifting airbags to ensure optimal performance.

User Training: We provide user training sessions to help your team understand how to operate the airbags effectively and safely.

Operational Support: Our technical team is available to assist with any operational queries you may have, helping to prevent downtime and maintain productivity.

Maintenance Tips: To prolong the life of your airbags, we offer maintenance tips and best practices.

Troubleshooting Assistance: Should you encounter any issues, our experts are on hand to help troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly.

Product Upgrades: Information regarding the latest product upgrades and improvements that can enhance your heavy lifting operations.

Warranty Service: We stand by the quality of our airbags with a comprehensive warranty service that covers manufacturing defects and performance issues.

Our dedicated support team is committed to providing you with the assistance you need to keep your operations running smoothly. While we do not include contact information here, please refer to your product documentation or our official website for the relevant contact details to access our technical support and services.



Q1: What brand are the Heavy Lifting Airbags, and where are they manufactured?

A1: The Heavy Lifting Airbags are from the Shunhang brand, and they are manufactured in China.

Q2: What certifications do Shunhang Heavy Lifting Airbags have?

A2: Shunh Heavy Lifting Airbags are certified with ISO9001, CCS, BV, SGS, ABS, and DNV.

Q3: What is the minimum order quantity for the SHA240329 model of Shunhang Heavy Lifting Airbags?

A3: The minimum order quantity for the SHA240402 model is 1PC.

Q4: How are the Heavy Lifting Airbags packaged and what is the delivery time?

A4: The packaging details for the Heavy Lifting Airbags are customized based on client requirements. The delivery time ranges from 5 to 15 workdays after the order is confirmed.

Q5: What are the payment terms for purchasing Shunhang Heavy Lifting Airbags, and is OEM available?

A5: The payment terms for purchasing Shunh Heavy Lifting Airbags are 30% in advance via T/T and the rest 70% before delivery. Yes, OEM service is accepted for these airbags.

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